Love Suddenly

Jakob is still hung up on his teenage sweetheart Marie. When they meet again after many years, he sets out to win her back. Unfortunately, she is under the mistaken impression that he is much more successful than he actually is, and so he finds himself weaving a web of white lies, half-truths and absolute fantasy to prevent her from discovering the truth.

Toy seller and all-round good, but rather nostalgic, guy Jakob is still hung up on his teenage sweetheart Marie , when one day he meets her again after many years. Due to a misunderstanding, Marie believes that Jakob is now a successful photographer. As Jakob, who is anything but successful, realizes that Marie now sees him differently, he does not correct the mistake. And faster than Jakob can say "white lie", he finds himself caught in a web of half-truths and outright fantasy. With some female expertise from his self-assured colleague Lotte, Jakob creates a past for himself that makes him look more successful and grown-up than he actually is. Jakob's best friendis also in on the plan. But the closer Jakob gets to his goal of winning Marie back, the more removed he becomes from everything that makes him who he is. Worse still! He is becoming increasingly distant from the people who like him and love him just the way he is. How long can he continue to spin the fantasy? And is she really worth it?