Good Holiday

Sophie is barely keeping her head above water at the guest house. In order to avert imminent bankruptcy, she must invest massively: as an added attraction for her traditional, rustic B&B, Sophie decides to build a glass extension with a pool. This business-rescuing idea comes to her when her best friend Verena comes to visit with her brother Jan in tow. The architect and workaholic not only draws up the plans immediately, he also knows about a new grant scheme! It is such an unbeatable idea local bank official Müller is also on board. However, Sophie's unwanted permanent guest wants to scotch all her plans: Barthl, who would prefer to put all visitors off entirely fears for his "barn rights". To stop the project from going ahead, he takes Müller to task. Elsewhere, Sophie's daughter Leonie arrives from Paris unannounced, to escape a few problems in her love life. This is support that Sophie urgently needs in her battle for her business.