Modern Murder: Pulse of Crime

A pair of female detectives with their fingers on the pulse of crime, who are as different and unpredictable as the cases they solve.

The tension between the two women, which stems from their different backgrounds and investigative styles, drives the cases forward and pushes them to their limits – privately and professionally. But despite the turbulent circumstances and their often unconventional approaches, the two women always retain their sense of self. They represent a new self-perception of women in the workplace,dedicated and focused, but always true to themselves. They complementeach other’s talents and abilities, thereby creating an unconventional, modern – and ultimately powerful – team.

When these two strong women clash with their conservative boss, it creates conflict but it also intensifies their determination, driving them even harder to pursue the truth and solve their cases. These cases are complex and contemporary – from online dating apps and the live murder of a social media influencer to a public witch hunt for paedophiles – and they always unfold differently…

A drama series with a strong female focus just perfect for fans of contemporary crime thrillers.