Wicked Game - Whom Do You Trust?

When Ellen Bouché (44) was young she spent some wild years in Antwerp. Now, it is time for her to return to this city to identify her daughter's body in pathology. Seeing Sarah's corpse, she almost breaks down. The same evening though, she receives a text message by Sarah, asking for her help. Against all logic, Ellen decides to search for ther daughter. Suddenly, Sarah's corpse is nowhere to be found. As Ellen gets involved with a voodoo sect, the world around her starts to turn increasingly surreal and dangerous. Continuing her persistent research, she soon gets on to the tracks of a drug conspiracy.

"Wicked Game - Whom Do You Trust?" is a modern, exciting voodoo story set in Antwerp which plays with mystical elements and ends with a plausible explanation. The line between real and surreal is a finely tuned balancing act. Voodoo as a strange, exotic religion induces a spooky atmosphere.