Inspector Robert Karow is shocked when he receives a package containing the severed finger of a young girl. Tests show that the body had been dead for a number of years. Karow and Rubin discover the body from which the finger had been taken in a storage facility. The dead girl turns out to have been an underage prostitute.

While searching for the person who sent the package, the detectives come across a film production company and film director Michael Schwarz. The team are, at that very moment, celebrating the premiere of their first feature film "Meta" at the Berlinale. Disturbingly, the dark thriller tells the story of the murder of the young prostitute, Svenja Martin. Rubin and Karow are speechless, because what the police characters Rolf Poller and Felix Blume are investigating in the film "Meta", is strikingly similar to their current case.

Was the screenwriter, Peter Koteas, Svenja's murderer and is "Meta" his confession? Karow and Rubin cannot ask him, as the author committed suicide a few months previously. The case appears to be solved; Koteas must have killed Svenja, stored her body and arranged for the finger to be sent.

But Robert Karow is not satisfied. He immerses himself completely in the film, becoming obsessed with Koteas' mysterious world of child prostitution and secret services. Rubin becomes increasingly worried about her partner, but the question is also torturing her: Is art imitating life, or is life imitating art?