Your Name is Harbinger

For their sixth case together, the Berlin investigators are called to the outskirts of the city. A dead body has been found in a burned-out transporter. Quickly, Rubin and Karow discover that there have been three other, older cases with the same MO. They were never solved. Could this be the work of a serial killer?

Another link leads to Berlin-Wannsee: all the victims were fathered via in-vitro fertilization in a fertility clinic here. Managing Director Dr. Irene Wohlleben and her laboratory manager and life partner Hanneke Tietzsche recently handed over management of the clinic to Irene's son, Dr. Stefan Wohlleben. He was born in the 1980s as one of Germany's first test-tube babies.

In the course of their inquiries, the detectives come across a loner by the name of Harbinger. As a 16-year old, he tried to kill Irene Wohlleben, now he runs a locksmith service in a Berlin underground station. Harbinger was previously called Werner Lothar and suffers from borderline syndrome, according to his psychiatrist. Robert Karow attempts, with unusual methods, to gain the strange man's trust and break through his reserve.

Anna Feil, now a candidate-inspector, makes an unbelievable discovery on her own account. And at home, Nina Rubin has a real dispute on her hands with her older son, Tolja.

Alongside the investigators, the city of Berlin again takes the third leading role. The perspective has changed this time: the film shows Berlin's underworld beneath Alexanderplatz and Steglitzer Schlossstraße and also takes in places such as the iron foundry in Wilhelmsruh, which was available for filming for the first time.