Crazy Love

A bizarre black mass melted together with a plastic lounger in a back garden is all that remains of Enno Schopper. In their fifth case together, the Berlin detectives Nina Rubin and Robert Karow must discover what is behind the teacher's gruesome death.

Initial investigations lead Rubin and Karow to the school in Neuköllner Rollbergkiez, where Enno Schopper taught, before he was apparently killed, doused with petrol and then set alight. But why? "Ask the kids in Kiez, what the best thing to do with gays is", Enno's husband Armin tells the detectives. Enno was very forthright about his gay marriage – almost provocatively so, at least around here.

A witness reported having seen Enno making sexual advances on student Duran Bolic in the changing rooms. The teacher had for many years been taking care of this young lad who had a troubled background. He and Armin gave him a home and took care of him. Enno and Duran vehemently disputed the rumor. Nonetheless, school parents and the youth welfare office were up in arms. Enno was put on leave until the incident could be investigated …

Now Enno Schopper is dead. Rubin and Karow want to question Duran, but he has disappeared, allegedly with his father to Croatia. Could that be true? Duran's girlfriend Jasna swears not: "Never! Duran hated his father". And he would never have harmed a hair on Enno's head, he idolized him. Armin agrees. His ironic-charming manner is arousing interest and distrust in Karow, in equal measure. Rubin and Karow must fight not to get pulled into the morass of rumors and prejudice.