Uruguay, 2 x 52'

URUGUAY is a 2-part documentary in which the viewer is introduced to one of the least known countries in the world. For many people, Uruguay is still a white spot on the map. If they have heard of it at all, they think of football player or beef.

But the second smallest country in South America has much more to offer: Colonial cities and sophisticated beach resorts, classic cars and horse-drawn carts on motorways, palaces and art deco buildings next to skyscrapers. Endless expanses in the interior of the country, old fishing boats and luxury yachts in the harbours. Whales, sea lions and dolphins cavort along the 660 kilometres of coastline.

Gauchos meet with entrepreneurs and former guerrillas sit in parliament. Even the tango in Uruguay has in the 21st century. Today the couples dance – still tightly wrapped around each other – in beachwear or sweatpants.

Eps 1: Gauchos, Tango and Grandezza

Eps 2: Small Country at the Great Rio de la Plata

Also available as 2 x 43'