Good Girl Gone Bad

In 1980s Germany, 17-year-old Ursula falls for her charismatic teacher Siegfried and thus gets involved with the peace movement. Siegfried‘s believe in free love, however, turns the entire village upside down…

An authentic and highly entertaining dive into the eighties in Germany, where – during the peak of the Cold War – open relationships were put to the test and the environmental movement gained steam. Anna Florkowski delivers a stunning performance as Ursula, a free-spirited and modern girl, born into a conservative family, still bound in the hidebound patterns of female self-restraint. Florian Stetter ("Beloved Sisters", "Stations of the Cross") and Thorsten Merten ("Grill Point") round out the cast. Hermann Beyer ("Dark", "The Elementary Particles") has a hilarious turn as the girl’s grandfather, stoically hushing up his presumably Nazi past.


Winner of the New Direction Competition at Cleveland IFF 2019 (USA)