Have you ever had a déjà vu experience? Have you ever met a person you think you already know?
For Nora and Aron, it's love at first sight - until Aron dies in a robbery. Nora seeks comfort from a stranger - but she has the feeling she already knows him…


– Press Clippings – 

“Thriller, tragedy, character drama and romance. A touching and courageous film that wants a lot and gives even more.”


“Touching and tragic, rousing and magical: Mariko Minoguchi's feature film debut offers atmospheric emotional cinema with an outstanding leading actress and a pleasantly unorthodox script.”


"Coincidence or destiny? “Relativity” Combines a love and grief drama with universal considerations on causality and chronology to create a remarkable film that will be remembered for a long time.”


“Carefully unfurling the plot along the lines of the Schrödinger’s cat paradox (a thought experience linked to quantum physics positing the simultaneity of two states – dead and alive – until observation forces the choice between the two), the film weaves its web with great skill ("I don’t believe in coincidences. It’s just a lack of information"), orchestrating the multi-directional comings and goings by way of highly effective editing, courtesy of Andreas Menn (whose work on this film earned him a nomination for the 2020 German Film Award in his specialism).”


„Relativity is not only beautiful, dreamy and tragic, but also a complex story about guilt and atonement, forgetting and forgiveness, which also succeeds in integrating a few quantum and relativity theoretical ideas into the narrative so skillfully and meaningfully that the fact that this is actually supposed to be a debut film must be pushed aside in astonishment and disbelief.“


„It cannot be ruled out that the Munich director Mariko Minoguchi is megalomaniac, so much she draws from the full with her inexpensive debut. In German cinema, the few and mostly the wrong ones dare. Her film is a roller coaster ride, but not a cynical one. Because she wants to seduce the audience to be there, to experience, to share a moment and an intensity. She doesn't want to amaze for the sake of amazement. You don't feel smaller after this film, but transported - to another place.“


exground filmfest 32 (Wiesbaden, Germany) 2019: Award "DAS BRETT 2019" of the prisoner jury Wiesbaden

Braunschweig IFF (GErmany) 2019: KENEMA (Award of the French-German Youth Jury)

KINOFEST Luenen (Germany) 2019: Best Actress Award (Saskia Rosendahl)

Filmfest Biberach (Germany) 2019: Audience Award
Filmfest Ahrenshoop
(Germany) 2019: Audience Award

Riviera International Film Festival (Liguria, Iraly) 2020: Best Film Award