A Patchwork Wedding

Yes, I Don't

Everything could be fine between Katrin and Philipp, if not for their dear (patchwork) family! In their busy workaday life, they hardly have time for romance anymore. While Katrin longs only for peace and quiet, Philipp has other plans. He surprises Katrin by proposing to her. Katrin doesn't know what to say. She still hasn't got over her disappointment in her last marriage. While she tries to gently break the fact to Philipp she doesn't really want to get married, their patchwork family starts turning into a crazy quilt. Julia, her ex-husband's new wife, moves in with them with all her kids, uninvited. In this situation, they get "help" not only from her sarcastic ex-mother-in-law Diana, but from Katrin's own mother Renate, as well. Katrin's stress levels go through the roof. Her only respite is with Julia's stepbrother Marcel, a free spirit who's just passing through. An enticing prospect to Katrin. When Philipp and her mom plot to ambush her with a surprise wedding, Katrin has had enough. She soon regrets blowing her top, and wants to apologize to Philipp, but some things can't be undone. Marriage between Katrin and Philipp seems out of the question now...

A refreshingly honest comedic look at modern patchwork families, which have to learn to make the best out of any situation, even bad ones. In the leads: A winning Nicolette Krebitz (“Wild”, Bandits”), who skillfullymaneuvers through all the patchwork minefields and situational mayhem.