Love is forever... like it or not!

When Piet and Veronika meet again after 20 years, they’ve both moved on - but never gotten over each other. While they both try to act like they were back in the day, they have to realize you can’t turn back time - but maybe it’s not too late to start over!

Piet and Veronika haven’t seen each other of almost 20 years. The gourmet restaurant owner and the dead-end art expert used to be a couple, but broke up over a trip to Venice without mobile phones. Since then, Piet has become unemployed after he was indicted for tax evasion, while Veronika’s career as an internationally renownded auctioneer has taken off. When they meet again by accident after all those years, there’s still chemistry between them. But instead of telling her the truth, Piet does everything to keep up appearances: He picks up Veronika in a fancy classic car which isn’t his, and takes her to the gourmet restaurant he doesn’t own anymore. While Piet is showing off, Veronika pretends to be the struggling artist she once was. While they do their best to avoid talking about what really went on between them, they decide to take that trip to Venice after all these years, without mobile phones again. It almost turns into a disaster again. Piet und Veronika have to realize you can’t turn back time – but maybe there’s a new time for the love that never let them go.

A wonderfully fresh and honest comedy about finding love and starting over. Big emotions with a star turn by German A-lister Heino Ferch (“Downfall”, “Baader Meinhof Complex”, “The Tunnel”).