Politics - Check the Pulse!

Political turmoil is a global phenomenon. In many places, politicians have long since lost all credibility in people's eyes. What can be done? Politicians require a reality check …

All around the world, political turmoil rages. Confidence in politicians is at an all-time low. This political documentary, "Politics – Check the Pulse" therefore aims to subject politicians to a reality check. Four delegates from the government parties spend three days working in an environment with people who do not always agree with their policies. For example, representatives who are fighting to expand public transport meet truck drivers for whom roads are everything and who want the road network expanded. Each of the four episodes follows one government politician during the reality check. At the end of the experiment, one thing matters most: can the political viewpoints of the politicians be reconciled with the daily life of the people? And will those involved change their views as a result of the experiment?

One-on-one politics. The documentary format encourages viewers to think and discuss and thus pulls people from the couch in front of the television onto the stage of responsible citizens. Because yes, politics can be extremely entertaining.