Roots Revealed

Where do you come from? The answer to that question is not always a simple one. An exciting search for a person’s roots in the home country of their ancestors sheds light on familiar, yet unknown places.

Second, third and fourth generation migrants return to the land of their forefathers – a country with which they have hardly any connection – in search of their roots. In their foreign homeland they meet people who change their lives, they experience odd customs and exotic cuisine that are entirely foreign to them. They compare the at once familiar and yet unknown country with their lives in their current homeland and get to know their roots – perhaps a little better than they would like.

This is an emotional and entertaining travel program, in which a country and its people are brought closer to the viewer by the very personal experience of the traveler. On their journeys back to the countries where their ancestors originated the protagonists grow in themselves and start to see the world from a broader perspective. They also come up against their own limits.