When ex-musician Rainer finds out he's only got a few months to live, he decides to get the band back together for one last gig. Only problem: They all blame him for ruining their biggest gig 30 years ago.

Rainer's life is not exactly the way he imagined it: He hates his job, his wife left him, even his son thinks his dad is a loser. And Rainer has another skeleton in his closet: 30 years ago, he torpedoed the breakthough performance of his Krautrock band "Bochum's Stones" live on stage. His fellow musicians Bulle, Konni, Thomas and especially Ole never forgave him. To top it off, his lady doctor tells him his days are numbered. Is this the end of the line? Not for Rainer! He decides to give it one last shot and do one thing right for a change: The comeback of "Bochum's Stones“! How will his fellow band members react to his idea? Can Rainer convince them it's never too late to make your dream come true? He doesn't have anything to lose, and all of a sudden, everything seems to be going Rainer's way …

In COMEBACK, director Philipp Kadelbach ("Naked Among Wolves", "Generation War") celebrates life, music, and the fact it's never too late to start over. Starring Jan Josef Liefers ("Knocking on Heaven's Door"), Jürgen Vogel ("The Wave"), André M. Hennicke ("Victoria"), Alwara Höfels ("Fack ju Göhte"), Laura Tonke ("The State vs. Fritz Bauer") and the members of the legendary "Scorpions" in an exclusive cameo.