The Undertaker, Season 6

In the Swiss small town of Aarau an involuntary and unconventional duo hunts down criminals. One of the two, Luc Conrad, was once a cop and solving murder cases part of his job. But now he is an undertaker and thus exceeds his authority again and again. In his new position he consoles and supports grieving relatives and friends – objectively, discreetly and vigilantly – and learns things about the deceased that no cop would ever learn. And when Luc starts to doubt the diagnosis „death of natural causes“ he turns into an investigator again, much to the chagrin of chief inspector Anna-Maria Giovanoli … who is of all things also Luc's lover.

In season six Luc encounters local pop star Nikki. Her happy-go-lucky songs about everlasting love and eternal harmony strongly contrast with the homicide she is involved in - an obsessive fan is mauled to death. In a local casino Luc and Anna-Maria Giovanoli are confronted with murderous greed. And the rivalry of two soccer team seems to have led a bloody follow up in the locker room. The victim is the game's referee.

Privately Anna-Maria and Luc want to take the next big step and move in together. This causes some friction between these freedom loving individuals. Fabio experiences love at first sight. But the romantic ties between him and his sweetheart prove to be frail. And lone wolf Semmelweis cannot stop sighing, when his dad visits him. The fellow doctor wants to keep a critical eye on his son's work.

Luc risks life, limb and mental sanity while investigating the case of a dead skydiver. While alive she was a member of psychedelic cult. And trying to solve the case Luc puts himself into mortal danger more than once.

English subtitled (episodes 29 and 30).

"Excellent cast" (Die Zeit)
"The cinematography is on par with international crime blockbusters. The story is just as good." (BZ Bern)
"Mike Müller is a smash as Luc Conrad." (Basler Zeitung)
"A Swiss delight for mystery fans." (