Border Patrol

A German single mom and a Polish cop have to work together to solve the cases that straddle the Oder river - learning as much about themselves as about each other in the process.

In the German-Polish police station in Swiecko by Frankfurt on the Oder, the successful odd couple Adam Raczek and Olga Lenski handle the investigations that involve Polish and German sides. Olga is a single mom, juggling her family life and police career with difficulty sometimes. Adam has Polish roots, but is at home on both sides of the border, and has a hard time dealing with his partner’s chaotic private life sometimes. Despite the geographic proximity, there’s a lot that divides the cops on both sides of the border, as they keep finding out in the course of their international cases...

Crime knows no borders. Neither does a good detective show. Gripping cross-cultural procedural with a double dose of local flair. The odd couple detectives are perfectly cast with Maria Simon (GOODBYE, LENIN!) and Lucas Gregorowicz (Soul Kitchen, Lammbock, Our Mothers, Our Fathers) in the leads.