Cut Off

Trapped on a lonely island with a killer, artist Linda has to perform an autopsy: only if she finds the clue hidden inside the dead body, the kidnapped daughter of coroner Herzfeld can possibly be saved.

A nerve-wracking psychothriller based on the international best-seller by Sebastian Fitzek, whose work has been translated into 24 languages. Genre expert Christian Alvart ("Pandorum", "Antibodies", "Nick: Off Duty") helms this gripping thriller in spectacular locations with a stellar cast: Moritz Bleibtreu ("The Baader Meinhof Complex", "Run Lola Run"), Jasna Fritzi Bauer ("Barbara"), Lars Eidinger ("Clouds of Sils Maria", "Everyone Else") and FahriYardim ("Almanya: Welcome to Germany", "Nick: Off Duty").


– Press Clippings –

“Cut Off is a slickly made thriller that hits all the expected beats of a serial killer drama. Expect twists, turns, revelations, and red herrings as director Christian Alvart expertly guides you towards the finale. It might hit all the expected tropes, but Alvart does it with such finesse that all is easily forgiven.”


“A complex story full of ludicrous twists and turns plus an atmosphere like the big budget thriller from Hollywood: This top-rated bestseller film adaptation leaves the viewer breathless and trembling with tension.”


“The film looks big, is gloomy and - despite the long running time - consistently crisply staged. […]"Cut off" - at least when it comes to production values ​​- doesn't have to hide from the Hollywood competition.


“It’s an entertaining and intense film that some might find way too pitch black and harsh to enjoy, but I thought it was very good indeed. Sure, “enjoy” might not be the best word to use when dealing with the themes that this film deals with, but it was certainly a memorable and exciting ride.”


„Cut Off mixes some improbable elements with a great cast and a keen eye for the cinematic. It’s a cracking crime caper that will leave you considering some unsettling questions in quiet moments afterwards.“
Starburst Magazine