Thailand (2)

A prisoner transfer to Thailand goes horribly wrong for Detectives Mehmet Özakin and Mustafa Tombul when the pair are kidnapped by a local crime family and Özakin is forced to break their boss out of prison to save Mustafa’s life.

A child monk finds the semi-conscious body of Detective Mehmet Özakin lying on the bank of the river into whose waters he had made his escape following the jailbreak of crime boss Worawit Luang. Mehmet can still hardly believe what he saw: how could he have been so deceived by his good friend Benar, who now appears to be working with the Red Dragons’ drugs cartel? But he can't stop to think about it for too long as time is running out: he has to find Worawit. Mustafa's life depends on it. With the aid of the child monk, he leaves the monastery and meets his Turkish colleague Derya, who has attached herself to the heels of Thai detective Glomgool. Derya is able to locate Mina, who together with Benar have kidnapped the crime boss. They manage to pick up the trail and finally rescue the tortured Worawit – more dead than alive – from the hideout of the Red Dragons. At the last minute, Özakin manages to get a day's reprieve from Worawit's sister, so that he can bring her brother back to the Luang clan's hideout and ensure Mustafa's release. But without cash, a car or any local knowledge, the race against time cannot be won. In desperation, Mehmet asks Benar – despite his double-dealing – to help him. He agrees. Shortly afterwards, Özakin’s car is blown sky-high at a petrol station – with the Luang clan boss inside, and with him Mustafa's life insurance. Mehmet's last hope is that Worawit's sister will want to avenge her brother’s death by killing the man who murdered him: Benar. Putting all his chips on the table Detective Özakin lures Benar to the carnival. A violent showdown ensues but who will survive – will Mehmet’s gamble pay off and can Mustafa's life be saved?