A Song for Mia

Musician and party animal Sebastian lives life in the fast lane until an accident robs him of his eyesight, leaving him in the care of wallflower nurse Mia, who opens his blind eyes to a new world of feelings...

Sebastian is in his late 20s, handsome and living his life in the fast lane: Partying all night, keeping his affairs to one-night-stands, working a low-stress job in a hip boutique. But behind his superficial façade, he has a melancholy side, too, which he expresses in his music. He’s blessed with an exceptional voice and could have a pretty promising career ahead of him if he would only try a little harder. But then, tragedy strikes: An accident robs Sebastian of his eyesight. Instead of all his party girls, a young woman now steps into his life who he never would’ve notice before: Wallflower nurse Mia. She starts showing Sebastian a world he’s never seen before - and feelings he never thought he had. Thanks to Mia, he manages to write a song that’s really from the heart. He becomes an overnight internet sensation: A romantic blind singer. When his eyesight is restored, he has to decide: Does he want his old life back?

A musical love story with obstacles - with shooting stars Tim Oliver Schultz (Red Band Society Club) and Paula Kalenberg (The Cloud, Jew Suss: Rise and Fall) in the leads.

Based on the film EGO of Lisa James Larsson