Bohemian Blues

Mystery and Intrigue in the city of the Golem

Berlin inspector Jan Koller really wanted to leave the skeletons of his past in the closet for good. But then some real skeletons summon him back to the city he grew up in: Prague. Together with Czech colleague Klára Majerova, he starts investigating a series of mysterious murders - with very unusual methods that lead him to dig deeper than many suspects would prefer - sometimes even too deep for himself.

With a quirky-cool inspector and shady Prague mysteries, this unique detective series is an international winner. A German detective working with Czech partners fuels this irresistible mix of strange cases, local flair and offbeat dialogue and characters. Starring Roeland Wiesnekker (3096 Days) and Gabriela Maria Schmeide (The Hairdresser, The White Ribbon) as the international duo of investigators.