Seal it with a kiss

When court bailiff Billy is sent to evict an old lady who’s lived in her apartment for 50 years, she rebels and vows to fight the eviction by any means necessary – even if it gets her in hot water herself.

Repo Billy is a court bailiff, whose job consists of repossessions and foreclosures, whether it’s seizing snakes or evicting a militant environmentalist from a tree – she’s tough, but has a heart of gold. Some days are especially rough, though, such as the day she has to evict 80-year-old tenant Margot after 50 years in her apartment. Billy thinks it’s a scandal, postpones the eviction and gives the new landlord, a snooty yuppie trust fund kid, a real talking-too. She moves heaven and earth to rescind the eviction – little realizing how much trouble it’s going to get her in.
Billy’s love life is just as chaotic: She not only shares custody of her very pubescent daughter Hannah with her ex-husband Gunnar, sometimes she still shares the bed with him, too. But they have to stop seeing each other, they’ve both vowed. And this would be a good time, since Billy just met Lukas the paramedic, a promising beau – if only he wasn’t way too young, she tells herself. But Lukas uses his considerable charme and doesn’t let up.

Nobody’s perfect! The tale of a tough cookie career woman, combining job, family and love life the way she wants. Starring sympathic Aglaia Szyszkowitz (Klimt, Das Sams) as a woman who wants it all.