Taking his kids to school with the car, Berlin real estate developer Karl gets a call from a blackmailer: If he doesn’t pay up, the car will blow up. A deadly race against time begins.

Genre specialist Christian Alvart ("Pandorum", "Antibodies", "Nick: Off Duty") stages  this  high-suspense thriller with an A-list cast: Wotan Wilke Möhring ("Who Am I") delivers an outstanding performance as somber Karl, international Emmy® award-winner Christiane Paul ("The Wave", "In July") plays his distrustful wife, and Hannah Herzsprung ("Four Minutes", "Who Am I") the smart, sensitive bomb expert. Shot at some of Berlin’s most famous locations and produced by genre powerhouse Syrreal Entertainment, DON’T.GET.OUT! makes for high-value, edge-of-the-seat action cinema.

On his way to work, Berlin real estate developer Karl wants to drop his kids off at school. But when he starts the car, his phone rings: The strange caller tells him there’s a bomb under his seat which will blow up if Karl or the kids try and get out. He demands Karl come up with a large sum of money very quickly. When his wife starts to suspect him of kidnapping the children, the cops come after Karl too, including explosives expert Pia. A deadly race against time begins: At the mercy of the bomb and pursued by the police, Karl desperately tries to save his kids and himself.