Remi - Nobody's Boy

When dropped by his foster father at a gas station, 11-years-old Remi sets off to discover his biological family. An adventurous trip begins…

This is the story of young boy Remi and his extraordinary journey to discover his biological family. First adopted when left behind in a supermarket as a baby, Remi, now 11, is a foundling for a second time when dropped off by his foster father at a gas station. He is luckily picked up by Vitalis and his trained animal circus - the beginning of a marvelous quest punctuated by the making of new friends and enemies, discovering young love and navigating the often precarious life of a young adventurer. And we are all along for the ride!

The dearly beloved story of the classic French novel „Sans Famille“ by Hector Malot (1878) is brought into the present day with contemporary short and snappy episodes, a top-notch cast and an adventurous story, balancing between reality and fantasy. A touching and cheerful dramedy series, sure to entertain the whole family.