Picket Fences

A reclusive Turkish widower and his happy-go-lucky landlady are often at odds - before they make it even.

Kenan lives next door to his landlady Lissi, sharing a duplex, even though they don’t particularly like each other. While the by-the-book Turkish construction foreman is a reclusive widower who only worries about his job, his house and his roses, Lissi is a happy-go-lucky jane-of-all-trades who manages to get by somehow, without knowing exactly how. Small wonder they have their run-ins across the fence every now and then... Kenan’s kids want to set up their dad with a new woman to get him out of his funk, but they don’t realize their wish is about to come true, in all the wrong ways.

Compelling family entertainment featuring the all-star cast of international blockbuster “Suck Me Shakespeer” and German hit series “Turkish for Beginners”.