House Boat Captains

On a whim, three guys who barely know each other set out on a week-long house boat holiday, which turns into a roller coaster ride of Polish prostitutes, Albanian enforcers, repentant reverends and pregnant girlfriends.

Three buddies Finke, Henner and Simon book a river cruise on a whim on a binge after badminton: One week on a houseboat on the Müritz. The only problem is, they hardly know each other. And none of them has a captain’s license, either. Just for that, they have more than their share of worries: Finke’s girlfriend Cora is pregnant, but Finke doesn’t feel ready to settle down and raise a family at mid-30. Henner is a priest who’s lost his faith. And Simon is a chaotic craftsman with a huge pile of debt and a mobster customer out for revenge. It turns into a week full of chaos and adventure - a week that will change their lives forever.

If you liked “Hangover” you’ll love “House Boat Captains” - a week of guy fun and many manly adventures. Just kidding, girls.