Leningrad Symphony

During the blockade of Leningrad in 1942 – one of the worst war crimes of the Second World War – the premiere of the Leningrad Symphony became a monument for humanity.

August 1942: Amidst the unimaginable suffering inflicted during the blockade of Leningrad by the German Wehrmacht, an orchestra director was given an almost impossible task: to stage the premiere of Dimitri Shostakovitch's "Leningrad Symphony". The performance became a symbol of the brief triumph of culture over the barbarism of war. This is a story about the indomitable human will to survive and the struggle to hold onto humanity in the face of death.

"Leningrad Symphony", an exciting docu-drama, portrays the tragedy from the perspective of the besieged and the besiegers. Impressive interviews with contemporary witnesses and experts, unique archive footage from besieged Leningrad and elaborately produced acted scenes trace the harrowing story behind one of the most famous symphonies of the last century.

Also available: 1 x 90 min. German, English subtitled and French