Kurdish shepherd's wife Havin, accused of having an affair by her in-laws, flees to Belgium with her 9-year-old daughter. Her husband Zagros, believing in his wife's innocence and defying his father, follows them to the West, only to be plagued by doubts once there?

Zagros is ayoung shepherd who lives in a Kurdish village with his pregnant wife Havin and their daughter. His father tells him that people gossip about Havin: There are rumours of her having an affair. Zagros brushes his father's concerns away as he trusts his wife and refuses to believe the rumours. Later, while herding his sheep in the mountains, Zagros learns that his family have accused Havin of adultery and locked her up. He returns to his village but finds his wife and daughter gone. Havin has fled to Belgium with their daughter. Convinced of her innocence and confident that they can build a new life together, Zagros smuggles himself to the West to join them. But when Zagros' father arrives and moves in with them, he manages to plant the poisonous seeds of doubt regarding Havin's fidelity in his son's mind.

A gripping cross-cultural drama about a husband torn between the loyalty to his traditional family and to his modern wife, from the producers of "Vincent" and "Moscow, Belgium". The film is the feature debut of award winning director Sahim Omar Kalifa.

Delivery: Summer/Fall 2017


Gent Flanders Film Festival 2017 (Belgium): Grand Prix for Best Film
Arras Film Festival 2017 (France): Audience Award; Best Director Award
Festival International du Premiere Film d’Annonay 2018 (France): Audience Award
Flemish Film Awards 2018, ENSORS (Belgium): Best Film & Best Scenario
Duhok Intern. Film Festival 2018 (IRAQ): Golden Leaf as Best Kurdish Film &  Silver Leaf for Best Actor (Feyyaz Duman
10th London Iranian Film Festival 2019 (UK): Audience Award