The Undertaker - Season 5

In season five of the crime drama "The Undertaker" protagonist Luc Conrad shares his investigative genius with the local police again. Conrad and his colleagues solve homicides in the circus and the boxing world. And the discovery of a mummified corpse leads the cops into an abyss of betrayal and greed. Most of all Luc is confronted with a criminal mastermind, who instrumentalizes his victims like pieces in a game of chess - the undertaker becoming a pawn himself.

In season five undertaker Luc Conrad takes on various homicides. The death of a clown leads him, Doerig and Anna-Maria into the oddly amusing world of a small circus where everybody fights everybody. The alleged suicide of a boxing champion involves investigative methods that are both adventurous and physically demanding for Anna-Maria. And thanks to the discovery of a mummified corpse in a second hand store the criminal instincts of Fabio and Erika are awakened.

Fabio is a newly certified funeral director His self-confidence has grown accordingly. And with Luc neglecting his duties as an undertaker tension between him and Fabio is bigger than ever. What binds them together though is the regret over Erika's absence - she travels around the world with her beau. Reto Doerig tries his luck at online dating and Anna-Maria meets a handsome and mysterious jogger. Will she disappointed by men again?

Most of all Luc is preoccupied with a complex riddle around the classical painting "Child Burial " by famous Swiss painter Albert Anker from 1863. To solve it Luc crisscrosses the entire Canton of Aargau. From its capital's art museum to a Habsburgian burial place in a monastery, ending with a shootout next to the most magical place the Canton has to offer. Behind all this a criminal mastermind is pulling the strings - Luc's included.

Head of fiction SRF, Urs Fitze about season five: "Our show has continued to be a rating success and has been sold into more than forty territories. Of course we are happy about this. But this success means also an obligation to reach the proverbial squaring of the circle. Namely to develop stories that are both fresh and remain true to the format. Unlike other seasons the antagonist is known from the beginning. We are hopeful that our audience will be engrossed by Luc Conrad's endeavors to fight and catch this guy."

English subtitled (several episodes).

"Excellent cast" (Die Zeit)
"The cinematography is on par with international crime blockbusters. The story is just as good." (BZ Bern)
"Mike Müller is a smash as Luc Conrad." (Basler Zeitung)
"A Swiss delight for mystery fans." (