The Lost Son (18/20)



When a street urchin is found dead, Mehmet's investigation leads him to a foundation that helps homeless kids. But something is fishy about this charity...Riza Bastürk is found beaten to death. The new coroner Derya finds out she has two different injuries: Blows to her face, which she suffered just prior to her death, and an injury to the back of her head, which is older than twelve hours. Riza was from a poor family and had a criminal record: He was accused of killing his boss, famed TV chef Süleyman Kemal, when he was 17. He spent ten years in prison for it and has only been released a short while ago. When Riza's father Baran finds out what happened, he's devastated. He turns himself in to the police, saying he and his son had a fight. But Mehmet doesn't believe Baran is the culprit. He  thinks Süleyman Kemal's family was out for revenge. But then a reporter and another witness give him an idea?



1   Last Stop Istanbul
2   Murder on the Bosporus
3   In Your Hand
4   The Stone Warriors

5   The Price of Life
6   Bond of Blood
7   Transit
   Silent Witness

9   Tarlabasi
10 The Second Lead 

11 The End of Alp Atakan 
12 Offsides


13 Club Royal


14 The Bosporus Broker
15 Taurus 1
16 Taurus 2
17 A Village under Suspicion
18 The Lost Son
19 The Final Passenger
20 Deadly Desire (new)