The Lady Diplomat

The Lady Diplomat, a brave and uncoventional professional woman, travels the world far from the red carpets and banquets to save German citizens in crisis. She follows her own moral compass and bends the rules when she has to to get things done.

Karla Lorenz lives for her job as diplomat. Working for the German Foreign Office, she travels the world to help in crisis situations. With her unconventional methods, which caused a major diplomatic incident at her last post, she often has a hard time with her superiors. She's sent to places around the world as a special agent of the Foreign Office. For Karla Lorenz these missions often mean to confront unresolved conflicts - personal and political ones. When the situations threaten to get out of hand and Karla loses her departmental backing, she finds herself forced to throw away the rule book to follow her own moral compass and save innocent lives.

An exciting crime movie collection set in the world of high-stakes international diplomacy and moral dilemmas, with a brave and unconventional heroine played by Natalia Wörner ("The Pillars of the Earth").