The Golden Drops

The siblings Adam and Anita are out on an adventurous quest to save their mom. With the magic of a witch they enter a mysterious land full of fire-breathing dragons, knight tournaments and castles. Will they find the legendary Golden Drops that will grant them three wishes? Adam and Anita are ordinary brothers and sisters. Seven-year-old Adam spends most of his time playing computer games. Fifteen-year-old Anita is a bookworm who daydreams about her Prince Charming. Just like all brothers and sisters, they often squabble. But their mother's sudden illness brings them closer together, replacing quarrels with care and cooperation.
While their mother lies sick in the hospital, Adam and Anita are sent to stay with their grandmother in the countryside. There, the local people tell them about an old woman living in the marshes: the Witch. Her magic transports the siblings to a mysterious, medieval land on a quest to find the legendary Golden Drops. This precious treasure will give the children the power to fulfill three wishes, including the most important one: the recovery of their mother's health. But there are two conditions: Adam and Anita cannot harm anyone on their journey, and they must save the last of the three wishes to bring them back to the real world.
The siblings must race against time to complete their mission. Every passing moment is measured by the Silver Cyclone, a mysterious object set with diamonds. As each diamond dims, the time available for Adam and Anita to find the Golden Drops grows shorter. Can they complete their quest in time to save their mother?

"The Golden Drops" is an animated fairy tale produced using an original technique that combines classical hand-drawn animation and a fabulously colorful 3D film set. An all-star cast, exhilarating action, and more than a hundred breathtaking locations are a guarantee that every viewer will find something to captivate them in this film. The most successful Polish animation feature since the Oscar® winning "Peter and the Wolf".

Awards & Festivals
6th New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles - Best Animation
5th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival - Best Animation Feature Film
Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival
25th Cottbus Film Festival - Official Selection
Expotoons International Animation Festival - Official Selection
International Children Television Festival "Dytiatko" - Official Selection
ANIMASYROS International Animation Festival + Agora - Official Selection