Romancing the Jungle

Clumsy aspiring journalist Eva has to turn into a jungle amazon to escape from deadly pirates with a roguish smuggler captain at her side.


Vacation on a cargo ship? Aspiring newshound Eva wants to show she can hack it. Everyone thinks she's too thin-skinned for the job. Eva wants to conduct "undercover investigations" into piracy and kidnapping on the high seas. She finally wants to be taken seriously as a journalist. Eva isn't going to pass up this chance! She boards the ship "Liberty" in Bangkok, starts pestering the captain and crew with her questions - not realizing she's hit the jackpot with this steamer! They're boarded at sea by pirates armed to their teeth, who are after their valuable cargo. A top story with only one catch: Eva has to survive her adventure first. She has to flee through the jungles of Thailand, almost drowning in quicksand and running from the pirates in a hot-air balloon, trading barbs with smuggler-adventurer Nik, who sees her as dead weight. If Eva wants to salvage the evidence for her story on a memory stick, they'll have to pull together to survive this adventure. But Eva wasn't counting on hunky hoodlum Nik with his own agenda...


Rip-roaring action-adventure with lots of humor and charm: An adventure comedy with a young cast and fast-paced heroine's journey.