Part of Us

Nadja finally has a life - a good, rewarding job, her own pad and a fresh romance. But then her mother Irene shows up and turns her life on its head again: Irene is homeless.
Since early childhood, Nadja has felt responsible for her mentally disordered, recently homeless mother Irene. Some time ago Nadja had cut off all contact with Irene and is trying to live her own life, until Irene suddenly shows up drunk at Nadja's brother's wedding. Nadja is immediately pulled back into the spiral of love and hate, responsibility, guilt and shame. She gathers all her strength to find her mother a roof to live under, all the while hiding the fact from her boyfriend Jan that the drunk woman at her brother's wedding was her mother. But Irene won't be domineered - especially not by her own daughter.

A close look at family and responsibility, narrated with great strength and without assignment of guilt. Directed by award-winning directress Nicole Weegmann, who earned much praise for "Outta Control" (2008), among others the Golden FIPA Award at the Biarritz International Festival of Audiovisual Programming.



Esther Bernstorff (Best Screenplay)

Nicole Weegmann (Best Direction)

Brigitte Hobmeier (Best Actress)

Jutta Hoffmann (Best Actress)