Parents Home Alone: The Winters

When the kids move out, parents have to rediscover and reinvent themselves, and ask themselves if their lives, marriages and relationships even have a future any more.

Tanja and Matthias Winter don't have much in common anymore: She's a dynamic career professional, he's a slacker, ex-teacher and househusband. Still, they're both equally amazed to find out their daughter Marie wants to learn to be a mechanic in Berlin instead of going to college. Tanja has a surprise in store for everyone, too: After Marie moves to Berlin, she announces she's packing her things, as well. Their marriage is over, as far as she's concerned. Matthias is completely blindsided. Tanja has already found a new apartment and a sensitive lover in her young colleague Sebastian. To top it all off, Marie tells her amazed parents she prefers women. Matthias fights to save his marriage, but seems more like a troubled teenager in his wounded pride. It's not until he meets hand-on veterinary Andrea and helps the neighbor kid cram for his math exams that he learns to look ahead again. Will the Winters find a new spring?