The young Nestrian Finny and his best mate Leah, a Grymp, accidently fall of the ark and are swept out to sea. Out on their own on a raft, they get separated by a storm. While Finny finds a whole colony of Nestrians under water, Leah lands on a beautiful island. If only the newfound land wouldn‘t shake that regularly and smoke from the mountain top?

Noah’s ark full of animals drifts across the wide blue sea, best friends Finny and Leah, a Nestrian and a Grymp, among them. After weeks with no land in sight, food stocks are running low, turning their parents, Dave and Hazel’s job as cooks into a real challenge. The rules of the ark (including no eating each other!) are still in force but the uneasy peace between the carnivores and herbivores could break down at any second… In an auspicious ceremony Capt. Leonard dispatches a brave white dove into the infinite blue yonder, in search of land.

After a series of unfortunate events, the kids find themselves inadvertently washed overboard – along with the last of the food supplies! On board a makeshift raft, they are soon joined by Jelly, a chatty, young jellyfish and the trio set sail towards their new fate. But when the raft is buffeted by a violent storm, Finny, Leah and Jelly are plunged into the depths of the ocean, and separated. Leah and Jelly are washed up onto a remote island. Finny wakes to find a strange colony of very familiar creatures all living in harmony – under the shadow of a belching volcano!

In a race against time, tide and the terrifying volcano, Finny must find his friends, reunite with his dad and save a whole colony from destruction, not to mention negotiating a peace deal on a creaking ark and teaching a cranky old-timer the meaning of ‘forgive and forget’. Oh and by the way, has anyone seen the dove?

A hilariously thrilling 3D-animated movie following the international box office hit “Ooops! Noah is gone… “ (28M USD). Our familiar little heroes race through a heart-stopping adventure, filled with spirited chases and laugh-out-loud slapstick moments. Delivered in superb quality by the producers of the prequel, the “Niko”-movies and “Luis and the Aliens”, this heart-warming story of friendship and family is directed by Toby Genkel (“Ooops! Noah is gone… “, „“Richard the Stork “) and Sean McCormack.



– Press Clippings – 

"Oops 2! Where's Noah? helps kids reflect on the environment and the need to fight for the Earth. It transports a message of tolerance for those around us, despite our differences, and realizing the importance of living in harmony. It's an ambitious goal for a fun, action-packed movie. Family entertainment with an easy-to-understand message."


“Ooops 2 – Two by Two Overboard follows on from the animated film about animals on the ark and shows them in a new adventure. It's fast-paced and spiced up with a lot of humor. The look is pleasing again, both technically and in terms of the designs that is well implemented here.”


“Entertaining animation fun - and thus a pleasant increase compared to the first part.”


“The second part of this somewhat different story about Noah's Ark also lives from an abundance of colorful and original ideas and lovingly positive messages.”


“It's all about action, which is combined with funny slapstick interludes. If you like that, you've come to the right place. And the message that all animals have to stick together is definitely received.”