Nothing Left to Lose

When pharma dealer Günther Kompalla finds out he only has months to live, he sets out to make up to his daughter and to uncover a huge corruption scandal.  

Günther Kompalla, the owner of prospering pharmaceuticals dealership KompaPharm, is diagnosed with cancer and only has a few months to live. He wants to sell his company and make amends with his estranged daughter, Katrin. Katrin is a young doctor with an NGO in an Indian slum. The KompaPharm deal fails because their chief investor, Swiss MIG Bank, demands a clean bill of health from Kompalla. With his sensitive first-hand knowledge of deals with fake pharmaceuticals, Kompalla turns the tables on the bank. Pharma giant Poindex, in which MIG Bank holds a big stake, is deeply involved in the shady deals. MIG Bank and Poindex conspire against Kompalla, and send ambitious young INTERPOL agent Juliette Pribeau after him.   
The dubious dealings of Big Pharma and Big Finance on the backs of regular citizens:  A hot-botton topic as a primetime thriller starring Heiner Lauterbach ("Hidden Identity") as a pharmaceuticals dealer and Julia Koschitz ("A Minute?s Silence") as firebrand young INTERPOL agent.