My Brother Simple

Ben and his brother have been best buddies for as long as he can remember. Although "Simple", who is now 22, has stayed at the mental age of a three-year-old. When their mother unexpectedly dies, Simple shall be sent to a home. The brothers go on a crazy odyssey to find their father they last saw 15 years ago

Based on the novel by world-famous French writer Marie-Aude Murail, this touching and entertaining Buddy-Road-Movie stars two of Germany's most talented young actors: David Kross ("The Reader","Tough Enough") and Frederick Lau ("Victoria", "The Wave"). This touching and entertaining Buddy-Road-Movie is directed by Markus Goller, whose "Friendship!" was the most successful German Film at the Box Office in 2010

Ever since Ben can think, he and his brother they call "Simple", have been thick as thieves. Simple is 22 years old, but mentally he's a three-year-old. Even if Simple can be a nuisance, Ben can't imagine life without him. When their mother dies unexpectedly, Simple is supposed to be sent to a care home. But Ben won't stand for it. They run away together, and after a crazy odyssey and a night spent outside under the stars, Ben realizes there's only one way out: They have to find their Dad, whom they haven't seen for 15 years.


Bavarian Film Award 2017: Best Actor Award for David Kross and Frederick Lau

Berlin & Beyond Film Festival San Francisco, 2018: Youth 4 German Cinema Award; Spotlight Award in Acting for Frederick Lau

Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival, Norway, 2018: UNG Award for Best Youth Film