Lotte & Luise: Twins on Board

What happens to the kids when mom and dad split up? Especially when they're identical twins? Based on the classic novel by Erich Kästner, which became famous on the big screen as "The Parent Trap".

Two twins, adventurous Luise and proper Lotte, were separated at a young age when their parents spilt up. Lotte stayed with her journalist mother Marianne in Frankfurt, while Luise toured the world with her musician father Jan. One day, they meet again by accident at summer camp in Austria. After their first shock, they start to investigate their family history like detectives. Wanting to know everything about each other and their lives, they trade places after camp: Luise goes to live with Marianne posing as Lotte, while Lotte joins Jan in Salzburg, pretending to be Luise. They want to show their parents what their breakup did to their kids, and make them understand that Lotte and Luise want to be together from now on. Confronted with the difficulties of adapting to a completely new family, the girls secretly stay in constant touch via video blogs and instant messenger, to try and help each other cope. When Jan meets a new woman and is on the verge of falling in love, the girls try their best to prevent it. Is a happy end in store for the twins?

The timeless novel of Erich Kästner is brought into the present day, with modern communication such as social messenger and video blogs lending a fresh and up-to-date feel to the classic story.


34th Chicago Intl. Children's Film Festival
Childen's Jury: Life Action Feature - 2nd Prize