Kästner and Little Tuesday

The true story of the amazing friendship between childless writer Erich Kästner and fatherless child actor Hans in 1930s Berlin.

Berlin, 1929. Writer Erich Kästner has just published his first children's book, "Emil and the Detectives", which becomes an overnight bestseller. One of his admirers is eight-year-old Hans-Albrecht Löhr, who writes Kästner a glowing fan letter and wants to meet him personally. Kästner is tickled by the boy's admiration. A dream comes true for Hans when "Emil and the Detectives" was turned into a movie in 1931 and Hans was cast for the role of Little Tuesday. A close friendship develops between the boy and the writer over the years, until the Nazis come to power. Kästner's books are banned and burned publicly, his hero becomes a danger to the boy. Hans is drafted into the Nazi Wehrmacht, which is almost unbearable for Kästner, the pacifist. The film tells a sensitive story of friendship, loyalty, decency - and the fact we're not all born to be a hero.

Starring Florian David Fitz (Doctor's Diary, The Best Day Ever, Vincent Wants to Sea), directed by Wolfgang Murnberger, one of the leading contemporary Austrian directors.

"In any case, Hans-Albrecht remains an unforgettable memory to me. Judging from that one senseless loss, I can surmise what Hitler's crime is, multiplied a million times." (Erich Kästner, 1971)


Romy Award 2018 for best script TV movie