A divorce on friendly terms - but who has to take the kids?

In IT'S YOUR TURN, HONEY! a father and a mother fight a War of the Roses over who has to take custody of the kids.

Comedy vet Sven Unterwaldt ("Mommy, I Shrunk my Teacher", "Otto's Eleven", "7 Dwarves") directed "It's Your Turn Honey" as a dark satire about a couple who are the exact opposite of helicopter parents. It's the big screen debut for multiple German Comedy Prize winner Carolin Kebekus.




When their passion for each other seems lost for good, Toni and Marc agree to separate on friendly terms. But starting over is not as easy as they thought: They each have a shot at a great new job abroad. Who will take care of their kids Emma and Tobias? So they come up with a deal: Let's just let Emma and Tobias decide who they want to live with! Simple, right? But now the race is on: With the sneakiest tricks, Toni and Marc try to convince their kids they'd be much happier with the other parent in a no-holds-barred backward custody battle: IT'S YOUR TURN, HONEY!