At The End of Time

A lost painting could be his last chance - or his final doom.

Sleuth Philipp is in his early 30s when he's given one last shot at the big time: To track down a lost painting by German expressionist Ludwig Glaeden–"The Calling of Salomé"–and procure it for a mysterious group of old art buffs, no matter the cost. As a passionate Glaeden admirer, Philipp dives into the mission. But the painting's presumed owner, 84-year-old collector Magnus Dutt, is first unavailable, and then unwilling to reveal whether he ever owned "Salomé". So Philipp starts putting the move in Dutt's great-niece, young artist Alma. He woos her by sprucing up her uncle's garden. She slowly opens up to him, entrusting certain family secrets to him. Philipp realizes only too late he's falling in love with the beautiful young woman. The hunt for the piece of art draws Philipp into a deadly vortex of love, guilt and love of art. At the epicenter a painting that may not even exist…

The latest masterpiece by German award-winning A-list director Dominik Graf (“Beloved Sisters”, 2014), famed for his hit crime, mystery and thriller work – featuring a talented star cast and a gripping melange of art, crime and passion.