In the Kingdom of the Frog

An undeniable survival artist, the pool frog is at home wherever there is water. And there is no shortage of territory for him in central Europe. This documentary explores his habitat and takes a look at the diversity of animals, birds and fish with which he shares it.

The pool frog is undeniably a real survival artist. He can make his home anywhere there is water to be found. Narrow streams, broad rivers, small pools and large, man-made lakes are his territory. And there is no shortage of these in the landscapes. Likewise diverse is the number of creatures who live in and on the water. There is always something somewhere splashing, quacking or chattering.
Up on the bank of the River Mulde the pool frog hunts insects, while deep down below on the riverbed, Galician crayfish fight over a dead fish. Female frogs lay their spawn at the edge of the lake formed from an open-cast mine, while a few meters deeper a catfish cares for its brood. And as tadpoles in the ponds turn into frogs, a young cuckoo grows fat in the nest of a reed warbler amongst the shore reeds.
This film journey through the kingdom and lives of pool frogs in central Germany also takes in the breeding colonies of the cormorants and bee-eaters, dives with the beaver into his lodge and flows from there to the rare hydra in the depths of a quarry.