In My Enemy's House

A German official loses his family to a terrorist attack, then meets the killer's daughter, intending to confront her. When the situation escalates, they're both forced to flee together, forming a reluctant, fateful team.

Frank Hennings loses his wife and daughter to a bombing in the middle of Berlin. In his grief and pain, the retired government official only knows one goal: Revenge. When the official case is closed very quickly, he travels to Morocco on his own and picks up the trail of Sharif Nader, the alledged mastermind of the attack. In order to get closer to Nader, he applies for a job tutoring his 13-year-old daughter Yasmin with false papers. Hennings tutors the girl in a heavily-guarded house, while waiting for an opportunity to shoot her father. He knows his every step is being closely observed by Nader and his guards. He doesn't have much time. When his cover is almost blown, Nader's backers foil his plan. It turns into a bloodbath, which Hennings and Yasmin can barely escape at the last instant. On the run, Yasmin realizes who Hennings really is: A man who's out to kill her father for something he can't have done, as far as she is concerned.

A nail-biting "Homeland"-style thriller about death, guilt, morals and redemption in the world of terrorists and arms dealers, spies and secret services, with countless plot twists, action-packed stunts and a top cast, starring German veteran Heiner Lauterbach ("Men").