Hanni & Nanni - More Than Best Friends

The twin sisters Hanni and Nanni get to know the value of friendship and how being separated from home can actually teach you some values in your life you might not get to know otherwise.


The two twin sisters Hanni and Nanni are getting send to the boarding school Lindenhof by their parents, so their parents can figure out where their relationship is going. At first both sisters, especially Hanni, are very rejective and try everything to be kicked out of school within the probation period. Though, as time goes on, Nanni starts enjoying her time and is making friends with the other girls. As Nanni is still persistent on getting kicked out, for the first time in her life she is falling out with her sister. Hanni is too stubborn to realise, that the school has to offer so much more than she expected at first. The relationship between her and her sister is growing worse. The turning point is, when the girls at the boarding school find out that it is about to be closed due to an investor buying the school. Neither Hanni nor the rest of the group are willing to let that happen, so they find a way to keep Lindenhof alive. Only with the power of friendship, the girls are able to turn around Lindenhof's fate and keep their dream alive.