Halal for Beginners

Partly based on true events, this warm-hearted comedy about Ireland's first Halal meat factory tells the story of young Muslim Raghdan Aziz trying to find his place in the world of small town Sligo. While managing a rundown abattoir, he stumbles through cultural chaos and generational conflicts, dealing with enraged fathers, stoned buddies and his girlfriend's alleged ex-lover.

Described by writer-director Conor McDermottroe ("Swansong: Story of Occi Byrne") as a feel-good migrant story, HALAL FOR BEGINNERS is a culture clash working class comedy. This uplifting adventure, celebrating multiculturalism in modern day Ireland, stars Nikesh Patel ("London has fallen"), Sarah Bolger ("In America", "The Tudors"), Colm Meany ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"), Art Malik ("James Bond- The Living Daylights") and David Kross ("The Reader").

Raghdan Aziz, a young man of British-Indian Muslim heritage, is happy in his new home on the west coast of Ireland. This beach-front retreat is the perfect getaway from his controlling father. He has escaped the burden of his legacy and discovered a new sense of community. Living with his adoring aunt and uncle, Raghdan hangs out with his surf buddies and has a future planned with his girlfriend, Maeve Logan. All is going well for Raghdan. However when his dad Amir shows up on his doorstep with a birthday present of a halal meat factory, things go awry for happy-go-lucky Raghdan. How will he cope with this poisoned chalice of a present - a career opportunity he never wanted?