Getting Rid of Mom

When Susanne is stuck with her difficult mom on vacation, she decides to stick her in a Thai old age home - and leave her there. But her mom the diva isn't having any of it...

Susanne Neuendorff's life is turned upside down when her egomaniacal 72-year-old mother Anneliese shows up at her door, needing someone to take care of her. She's a real live diva, a former opera star with enough quirks to drive the whole world nuts, and now the Neuendorffs have to take her along on their long-awaited vacation to Thailand. It's a disaster! But wait - aren't there those wonderful, low-cost old age homes in Thailand? 11,000 km away from home? That's about the distance Susanne want to keep to her mother. And so Susanne decides to try and outsource her problem, signing her mom up at a Thai old folks' home. Now she just has to find a way to break it to her mom and the rest of the family. But the diva has issues her own ?

A light-hearted drama about getting old and the question: Who will take care of me? With outstanding Hannelore Elsner ("The Lady Cop") as the "Diva".