Dark Field (4/4)

In "Dark Field", the story arc of the previous three Berlin-based episodes with Nina Rubin and Robert Karow comes to a climax and the mystery surrounding Karow's past and the death of his partner Gregor Maihack is solved.

Two years previously, Robert Karow's partner Gregor Maihack was shot during an undercover operation. For two years, the circumstances of his death have remained unexplained. Was Karow himself involved? Now, chief witness Andi Berger wants to make his statement. But on the way to see the public prosecutor Karow and Berger are ambushed. Berger dies before he can tell Karow where to find the mobile phone video showing Maihack's death. A little later, Gregor Maihack's widow Christine, with whom Karow had had a relationship years before, is kidnapped. Shortly afterwards, Karow himself disappears.

On the very day that Nina Rubin has taken some time off to celebrate her son Kaleb's Bar Mitzvah and heal some of the conflicts within her own family, she must now work with Anna Feil to find out where Karow is and if he is still alive. The search becomes a race against time.

"Dark Field" leads Robert Karow and Nina Rubin deep into a deadly world of drugs and corruption. And to the question: what is on the mysterious mobile phone video, and did Robert Karow actually have something to do with the death of his partner?