Bazaars of the World

Never-before-seen insights into the most beautiful bazaars in the world, offering oriental magic, sensuality and vibrant exuberance.

European travelers have long been fascinated by the magic of Oriental bazaars, by the way they delight the senses and their vibrant exuberance. These portraits of the most beautiful bazaars in the world, their traders, their way of business and their way of life provide a fascinating insight that no tourist would ever experience.

Episode 1 - Cairo
In the heart of Cairo's old town there is the famous bazaar "Khan el Khalili", a 700-year-old paradise for treasure seekers. Most of the shops here have been held by the same families for generations, but they are all suffering the effects of the downturn that Egyptian tourism has experienced in the political turmoil of the last number of years. Along the journey, we there are other food markets and clothing bazaars in the old city quarters. An excursion outside the gates of this huge city takes us finally to the camel market of Birqash. You could say that all of Cairo is one grand bazaar!

Episode 2 - Jerusalem
Seven gates lead through thick walls into the old city of Jerusalem, a place that is sacred to three world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Within the walls, some 37,000 people live in quarters separated according to religion on just under a square kilometer of land. Thousands of pilgrims come daily seeking the roots of their religion. Conflicts are inevitable; the old city is a seething cauldron that could boil over at any minute. For this reason, the bazaar, which stretches across broad reaches of the Muslim and Christian quarters, is like no other.

Episode 3 - Tehran
1.6 million people live in the area of the Iranian capital, Tehran. Many of them buy their goods in the south of the city, in Tehran's Grand Bazaar. Over the centuries, a very special type of market has developed here. A city within the city, a place with an incredible past and a captivating present: this is the beating heart of commercial Tehran, a hub of communication, where policy is made and where people pray. The documentary takes a look behind the scenes by painting portraits of typical bazaar dealers that allow the audience to experience their everyday lives.