A Horse, of Course

When a pipe breaks and floods their house, vet Philip Hansen has to pack his things with Lilie and Nelly and move to a new practice. Hansen is happy to find a place nearby in Freiburg. The girls meet 11-year-old Leo Brüggemann, who's a real horse whisperer. She just moved to Freiburg with her mom Helena, where her dad Andreas lives. Leo really wants to get her parents back together, but then her mom falls for Philip the vet. Leo isn't too happy about this at first, but then has to admit the vet is a big help for her, whether it's saving penguins, doing therapy on horses, finding stray cats and black hens, or even getting her own dog.

*A family series featuring intact, loving families with problems big and small
*Special focus on pre-teen characters and their development
*Treat for animal and nature lovers